AllTube Player Pro Gets Significant Update With SoundCloud Support

AllTube Player (ATP) Pro, the popular video app that supports multiple video and photo websites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and Flickr gets a significant update with support for the popular music website, SoundCloud. The app makes searching for video very easy using the Global Search feature. Most features that you expect from a video app is supported by ATP Pro.

The latest update, version now supports SoundCloud making it a truly, complete multimedia app with support for music, video and photo. The update also includes:-
1. Additional video quality: HQ and small (where available)
2. HQ thumbnail for hd devices for YouTube video
3. Improved media player
4. Other general fixes/improvements

Similar update for the Windows 8 version will be available within one to two weeks.

The app now goes for USD1.49 for THREE days instead of the normal USD2.49.

Download the app here which offers FREE and unlimited trial.