nine photos of the alleged Pixel 7 prototype phone on eBay
Photos of the alleged Pixel 7 prototype phone on eBay

Pixel 7 is coming this fall. We already got a glimpse of the phone during the I/O 2022 alongside some minor details. However, an eBay user has posted a reported prototype of the phone, which clearly matches the description of the company during its presentation to the public. 

Google seems to be having a real problem regarding the leaks of its products. After the unexpected appearances of Pixel 6A and Pixel 6 Pro in hilarious ways and the leak of pictures of a Pixel Watch in a restaurant last month, another unreleased Google product has been leaked through a listing on eBay. According to the seller who made some exchanges with The Verge, the alleged prototype was acquired through a deal with a wholesaler. The person claimed to be initially clueless about the phone model until research was conducted. It was also revealed that the person also used to be in possession of a Pixel 7 Pro, though the seller noted that it was already sold. The pictures in the listing prove it since the reflection on the screen shows that another Pixel 7-looking phone was used in capturing the photos. As of now, the listing for the Pixel 7 prototype phone (with a starting bid of $450) has been closed. It is also worth noting that the listing didn’t last that long. 

Google is still not providing any comment or confirmation about this leak. Still, based on the pictures provided by the seller, we can say that the unit clearly resembles all the descriptions of a Pixel 7 phone. The body casing of the phone shown in the listing has a deep black obsidian color and at the back is a very distinguishing aluminum camera bar with cutouts that highlights the lenses. The back is extremely glossy, and the metal frame is textured. 

The seller was quite generous in providing actual photos of the prototype. Shots show the unit’s front, back, sides, top, and bottom. There are also images with the screen turned on, giving you other visuals of the alleged Pixel 7 phone. In one of the photos, it can be seen that the phone has a total storage capacity of 128GB, which confirms that it would be one of the storage size choices to have once the phone is available on the market. As for the other details of the phone’s system, the listing noted that it runs on Android 13, with its “pixel apps in development stage.”

Thankfully, despite this leak, we already know a lot about the phone due to its unveiling at I/O. Nonetheless, Google is expected to have another set of announcements regarding the Pixel 7 before making it available in the fall.