Duke Nukem 3D developer 3D Realms was working on a now-cancelled game in the Aliens franchise called Aliens: Hadley’s Hope.

Cancelled after the recent merger between 21st Century Fox and The Walt Disney Company, Hadley’s Hope was to be a co-op, PVE game; it was obviously a shooter.

Developed in tandem with Rise of the Triad Slipgate developer Ironworks, the title was currently in pre-production before Disney cancelled the game.

3D Realms’ Vice President, Frederik Schreiber, revealed the title on Twitter via an accepted pitch by 21st Century Fox.

“A misfitting mix of colonists and marines fight together for their lives against a protective alien queen who’s willing to do whatever it takes to safeguard her eggs,” states the Hadley’s Hope pitch.

Schreiber’s pitch describes the overall product to have been a “storyworld-driven” experience that had “long-range plans to add new content for years”. Think of The Division 2 but for creepy, spooky Xenomorphs.

“Players group up to battle the alien queen and her relentless swarm of alien protectors,” continues the pitch. “The game requires teamwork and tactics in order to make progress through each level. Only after surviving several levels will the team face off against an alien queen in her well guarded lair.”

The pitch states that Aliens: Hadley’s Hope would have featured numerous Xenomorph Queens, a fact that makes the Aliens fan within me roll my eyes.

Hopefully, we’ll start to see some more Aliens games in the future. While Disney has proven to be unruly with video games in the past, through success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has made the company see the light.