Alien Invaders Must Die comes to Windows Phone




Alien Invaders Must Die is an arcade shooter game for Windows Phone 8. The game has inspiration rooted in classic arcade gameplay but incorporates modern elements with upgrades and progression. Combining the gameplay with a randomization engine the game is endlessly re-playable, scalable and different every time – but the player stills progresses between sessions by unlocking upgrades and abilities.

The game supports standout windows 8 features incorporating a trial mode and beautiful pixel art live tiles for your start-screen. Control the ship by dragging along the bottom of the screen – it will shoot automatically. Collect aliens to unlock upgrades and damage power-ups for a fun doubling of damage output!

Fight your way to unlock a teleport to the final boss, unlock hard mode, seeker missiles and unknown special upgrades! Try it today!


Alien Invaders Must Die Standout Features:

  • Beautiful Pixel Art
  • Smooth Gameplay
  • Bullet Time
  • Upgrades and Persistence
  • Trial Mode
  • Live Tiles
  • 512MB Support!

It is available from the windows phone store at this link.

See a video demo after the break.

Alien Invaders Must Die Release Trailer

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