Alex Kipman’s HoloLens TED 2016 Talk Now Available Online

At 2016, Microsoft’s Alex Kipman spoke about the new Holographic computing medium and gave a demo of Microsoft HoloLens.

I invite you to take a step back from the 2D world of monitors and pixels, and explore with me what’s possible when technology enters our real world. See the first-ever holographic teleportation and dream about a world where we move the dial from the virtual to the real worlds. HoloLens is a part of that journey, but the technology speaks to concepts so much more than a product—the ability to connect, to overcome space and time to create meaningful connections with other humans. Most exciting of all, this is just the beginning.

He also spoke about the question about field of view issues surrounding HoloLens. He said field of view is almost irrelevant as you can in the case of television. He said that we should be talking about is the density of lights, or radiance, that shows up. Watch his full speech in the video above.