A listing for the unannounced Alan Wake Remastered has appeared on Rakuten Taiwan, and it appears it’ll be released this October. 

Discovered by Wario 64 on Twitter, the listing at the Taiwanese retailer lists the game for PS4, PS5, and Xbox, with a release date supposedly scheduled for October 5th. 

Despite plans to supposedly release next month, Remedy is yet to announce the game officially, with it only having been discovered previously via a listing in the Epic Games Store backend, so we can hopefully look forward to a proper announcement soon. 

Thanks to the publishing deal which Remedy currently hold with Epic Games, it’s believed that Alan Wake Remastered would be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for at least a year, similarly to other Epic Game Store timed exclusives. 

With Alan Wake only having previously launched on the Xbox 360, this would be the first time that the game is available to PlayStation users, so long as this store listing is correct, which isn’t always the case.