During the recent PlayStation Showcase 2021, Sony debuted the first trailer for Remedy’s upcoming Alan Wake Remastered.

After being discovered, leaked, and then eventually announced, the upcoming Alan Wake Remaster finally has its first trailer, courtesy of PlayStation, to give us a taste of Bright Falls once again. 

Remastered with 4K graphics, improved cutscenes, facial animations, lip-syncing, and character models, Alan Wake Remastered definitely has a pretty face, but thankfully that’s not all that’s included to make Remedy’s 2010 thriller worth playing once again. 

Alongside the visual improvements, which also extend to improved richer environment details, the remaster will also feature both of the games story expansions, The Signal and The Writer, as well as a new audio commentary track from lead writer and creative director Sam Lake. 

The release of Alan Wake Remastered marks the first time that the game has been available on PlayStation consoles, as the remaster will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, on October 5th.