Alan Wake 2 WP7 crossover rumoured, following an interview with Alan Wake creators Remedy Entertainment, speculate that the studio’s recent focus on mobile means that future console efforts – probably the sequel to last year’s Alan Wake – may involve WP7.

Remedy, who also created the acclaimed Max Payne series, recently remade their first game, Death Rally, for iPhone and iPad. Remedy’s Oksari Häkkinen, said of the iOS project:

This is just a fun test case to learn the ropes of the platform and to be able to potentially utilise the mobile screen in the future in our bigger console projects.

Since Microsoft have been heavily involved in Alan Wake, one of the Xbox’s major 2010 exclusives, it’s reasonable to assume that they’ll want any sequels to also be exclusive to Microsoft platforms – and with Microsoft pushing WP7 as “their mobile gaming platform”, this means WP7 will be the first up for any mobile crossover.

Of course, this is all speculation – since even the existence of Alan Wake 2 isn’t officially confirmed, any and all rumours connected with it should be taken with an extra-large pinch of salt. But it would be great to see more such crossovers raising the profile of WP7 gaming.