Airyware Tuner vs gStrings – aka WP7 vs Android

Young Windows Phone application Airyware Tuner tries to outperform the most popular (5+ mln downloads) guitar tuner application from Android platform (gStrings). Both apps are so-called chromatic tuners which mean they can detect a pitch of an arbitrary note.

As the primary goal of such applications is both highest possible precision and lowest possible latency, the comparison is scoped down to these two factors and does not cover other features such as noise reduction or temperament support.

FREE TRIAL is fully functional and ad-free, check it out.According to the video, both apps perform equally well for strings 1 to 4 (E4, B3, G3, D3) of acoustic guitar, however identifying low pitch strings 5 and 6 (A2, E2) is somewhat difficult for gStrings while seems to be an easy task for Airyware Tuner. The reason of success is the modern signal processing algorithms optimized for Windows Phone hardware as it is claimed on Airyware Tuner support website