Airyware Tuner 1.5 – now with auto-calibration, scale transposition, and better denoise

Airyware Tuner is a multi-instrument chromatic tuner popular with professional musicians and luthiers. It is recognized as a quickest, most accurate, yet most expensive tuner available in the Windows Phone Store. Version 1.5 brings several handy features such as scale transposition, sharp/flat view modes, chromatic presets, auto-calibration to live sound, and more. With improved denoise module, tuning at the street or at noisy stage has become an easy job. Fast App Switching and Live Tiles are included too.
Airyware Tuner is powered by 64-bit NeatTimbre™ DSP engine optimized for Snapdragon™ processors. Version 1.5 feature list:

Airyware Tuner 1.5• 9 octave tuning range: 15…8000 Hz
• up to 0.1 cent accuracy
• ambient noise reduction
• linear needle meter
• stroboscopic view mode
• waveform inspector
• high-contrast display
• sharp/flat/3b2# notations
• ref. A 440 ± 50 cents: ~ 428…453 Hz
• auto-calibration to live sound
• scale transposition ± 12 semitones
• tone generator, pitch pipe: C2…B4
• internal/headset microphone switch
• 400+ instruments, 900+ tunings
• target note audition: C0…B7
• favorite tunings
• feature request gateway

FREE TRIAL is fully functional, check it out.

Download from Windows Phone Store: Airyware Tuner 1.5
Price: $4.99
Trial: yes, fully functional, ad-free.