Airplanes Game – Play it on Windows Phone, PC or Facebook

We have just launched  a really cool network game for Windows Phone using Silverlight and Metro design.

Airplanes Logo

Our game brings something new to the Windows Phone table by integrating Windows Phone desing on a Desktop/Browser application. Now users that don’t own an Windows Phone can experience the Metro user interface and in the same time play Airplanes online with their friends.

Airplanes is a challenging turn-based network game which combines playing for fun with a cunning strategy. You always have to think two moves ahead your opponent in order to guess the position of all his/hers airplanes on the battlefield. Be smart and at the end of the day you can claim victory.

The fun never stops when you play this game with a friend on the NETWORK and you start discovering his/hers airplanes. As soon as you take one down your score will go up and the chances to win grow exponentially.

The most important features of the game:

Here you can find more info:

Desktop/Browser Version:

Facebook Version:

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See You on the battlefield!