Air Soccer – Free WP7 Mango game


Air Soccer is a fast paced swipe soccer game with realistic physics and 12 exciting soccer fields. It is only available for Windows Phone Mango. It may look like just another Air Hockey game but its not! Choose your team from the 42 available teams. You can have 1, 2 or 3 strikers per team. Simply swipe your striker to kick the ball into the
opponents goal. Be creative and rebound the ball against the field boundary or another striker to trick your opponent.

Since its a dynamic turn-based game, you can only strike when your strikers become highlighted.


Beware of fouls or the referee is going to book your striker with yellow and red card and your striker can be sent off the field. The referee will blow his whistle on two types of foul play: Hitting the opponent’s striker directly with your striker AND positioning your striker inside your goal to block the opponent from scoring.

The referee will be lenient if you directly hit the opponent’s striker very slowly or if the opponent’s striker is standing very close by.

Modes and Settings

Air soccer can be played against the computer as well as a second player on the same phone. The skill level will affect the turn-time each player gets as well as the referee strictness. In the “Easy” level, you get 6 seconds
whereas in the “Hard” level you get only 4 seconds per turn. In the “Easy” level the referee will book the striker after 4 fouls whereas in the “Hard” level 2 fouls will be enough to get a booking.

Air Soccer has received high ratings from developers & gamers worldwide and best of all its free. So go ahead; download it for loads of fun and stack up your score against the global leader board rankings.

Air Soccer is free and can be downloaded from Marketplace here . Read more about the game at the Air Soccer Website .image

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