Air Dagger, Another Addictive Game From Elbert Perez


19, 2011

Author Pradeep // in Apps


Elbert Perez of Occasional Gamer has released his new game called Air Dagger in Windows Phone Marketplace. This fighter game also has online leaderboards attached to it. You can always check your rank among other Windows Phone gamers out there.

Game Description:

The world is in need of a new jet fighter, also called Air Dagger. As a up and coming ace pilot you will choose which corporation to pledge your allegiance. You will then take your corporation’s Air Dagger and demonstrate it to the different countries of the world. You will earn money and experience to upgrade your Air Dagger to its full potential. Each corporation is fighting for the elusive contract to supply the world with the new generation Air Dagger and their progress tallied into the world corporation standings database.
?Intense SHMUP action with upgradeable systems and weapons
?Over 40 different upgrades and weapons
?Pick from 3 different corporations to pledge your allegiance to each with its own unique Jet
?Online Meta Game where each player’s success is tallied into their corporation’s success
?Online Leaderboards

The game is available for free, download it from marketplace here.

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