Ahead Solutions releases MyThings to-do list v3, a major update, with user accounts, live tiles and notifications

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MyThings, one of the most used todo list app on Windows Phone marketplace so far, has just been updated to v3 a major release that adds advanced features for all Windows Phone users.

Simplify your everyday life with MyThings v3.0 for Windows Phone 7. The simplest and must have to-do-list application on Windows Phone 7 has been developed to help you store, remember (live tiles), share (by email & SMS), localize (associated addresses directly displayed on the map) and do your personal and professional tasks easily and with pleasure. Try MyThings for FREE, use it and you will understand how MyThings will help you save time in your everyday life!

MyThings v3 main new features :

  • Add task/meetings schedule
  • Fully supporting offline & online modes. No need to have an internet connection to access your tasks and info while moving
  • Live tiles with upcoming tasks
  • Live tiles with late tasks (updated two times a day maximum)
  • Push notifications one or two times a day at most
  • Possibility to add time to tasks
  • Delays are displayed along with tasks info
  • Possibility to create a MyThings account to backup your tasks online and activate push notifications. Full user account management natively included within the app.
  • UI & performances improved – at least 2 times faster than MyThings v2.0
  • Task synchronization/backup on the Cloud to get them back if you lose them!

You will manage things you need to do, a different way and more efficiently with your Windows Phone than ever! Try MyThings is $2.99 and can be tried for free in Marketplace here.

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