Agile Metronome is Back – and Amazingly Accurate

Almost three years ago I published my first Windows Phone 7.0 app – Agile Metronome. It was one of the first metronomes on the platform and quickly became the most downloaded one. It had two nice – while not very metro – graphical themes, ability to set the tempo by tapping on the circle and was reasonably accurate.

Agile Metronome Classic ThemeAgile Metronome Sky Theme

Then something had happened – Microsoft released Windows Phone 7.5 aka Mango. It was a legendary system update with great new features, but at the same time it broke both my popular apps – Accurate Tuner and Agile Metronome. I‘ve resolved the more pressing Accurate Tuner issue and described it on my blog (part 1, part 2), but the metronome was broken too. Distribution of system events in Mango was less regular and predictable than in WP 7.0 and the metronome started to tick irregularly.

I wasn’t able to dedicate time to fix it back then, so the metronome started to accumulate low-star reviews and after some time I pulled it from the Marketplace.

Now, it’s back! Last week, Microsoft chose Accurate Tuner Pro for Red Stripe Deals and it motivated me to revamp the internals of Agile Metronome. I haven’t make changes to its design yet and I agree that it is not modern at all. But it’s very accurate now – probably the most accurate metronome in the Store.

Agile Metronome DownloadDespite the heavy animations, it approaches 0.001 sec. accuracy on faster WP 8.0 multi-core devices. Its accuracy on single-core WP 7.8 devices is less stellar, but it is still usable. Just the first generation WP 7.0 devices with 1.0 GHz Snappdragon S1 with Scorpion core and Adreno 200 (Samsung Focus anyone?) and Lumia 610 may stumble.

In the coming weeks I plan to add simpler, more battery-friendly and more mature graphic themes, in addition to other improvements.

Agile Metronome Beta was among the first apps using AdDuplex network:

Agile Metronome Beta was among the first apps using AdDuplex network

Get Agile Metronome from the Store for free.

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