Agent Smart Watch crosses $600,000 in funds raised, offer a January reward tier


The Windows Phone compatible smart watch project by Secret Labs, who also make the Netduino, , has exceeded their initial goal of $100,000 by more than  500% already, with 25 more days to go, and have now announced a new reward for backers who want to join the project.

Posting in an update, the Secret Labs team announced that all their December rewards of watch + Qi charger have sold out, meaning more than 3000 watches have already been spoken for. They have however decided to add a January tier of rewards for those who still want to contribute.

They write:

I’m happy to announce that we are making more rewards available—but not for December delivery.

We’re not willing to compromise delivery to our current backers, and promising to make more watches faster would do exactly that.

AGENT is a premium designer smartwatch. We can comfortably assemble, test and package 200 smartwatches per day. So for the first few months of production, we’ll be limiting production to 1,000 watches per week.

We just opened a reward tier for JANUARY AGENTS. Because the chargers are in such demand, for January we are going to initially focus production on rewards with chargers. We’ve made 2,500 "watch with charger" rewards available. When the rewards fill up, we can add up to 1,500 more rewards for January (for a total of 4,000 watches for the month).

For new backers who missed out on the $199 December "watch with charger" rewards, there are still $149 December "watch only" rewards available. Since your AGENT smartwatch will use the Qi wireless charging standard, you can charge it with any Qi-compliant charging pad.

Of the many smart watches currently in development or already on the market, the Agent watch is the only one who intend to work on Windows Phone compatibility from the outset, and who plan to treat Windows Phone as a “tier one OS”.

If you wish to back this effort read more at Kickstarter here.

Thanks Ferrarifan for the tip.