Age of Empires: Castle Siege Updated With Age 9 Content, Lots Of Bug Fixes And More

Age of empires Windows Phon

ge of Empires: Castle Siege game was updated to v1.6.0.14 in Windows Phone Store. This update brings in Age 9 content, minor changes to changes to other Age contents and lots of bug fixes. Find the full change log below.

New Features:

• Players can progress to Age 9 and purchase Age 9 upgrades for units and buildings
• The Watch Signal is available for purchase in Age 4
• New research techs are available in Age 4
• Alliance members can donate squads to other alliance members
• Players can store decorations in the Market inventory and withdraw stored items at no cost
• Players can recruit grenadiers from the Siege Workshop in Age 7
• Players can build the Musket Tower in Age 9

Bug Fixes:Age of empires Windows Phone

• Fixed several crashes and soft locks
• Players will now receive a message when they are about to become openly attackable.
• Fixed players seeing a variable amount of scouting time depending on how long it took to load the empire
• Fixed a bug where revenge attacking a player would extend the peace treaty of the defender
• Hermann von Salza’s Shield Wall will now only affect soldiers on foot, as stated in the description.
• Squads will now select a new, nearby target when directed to an arbitrary location instead of returning to their previously auto-selected target
• Chat feature polish
• UI Polish

Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free.