Aeterna Noctis Modes: Which one should you pick?

March 4, 2022
Aeterna mode and Noctis mode comparison
Aeterna mode focuses on action and exploration, while the Noctis mode lets you experience additional puzzles, platform sections, and challenges.

Playing a game that really fits your style and preferences is an utter joy. It gives you the excitement you are looking for while keeping you satisfied with all the challenges you face. The Aeterna Noctis can do that for you through the two modes it offers: the Aeterna and the Noctis.

Shifting between the two modes, however, might confuse new players. With this, we want to educate you about the two modes before you dive into the world of Aeterna Noctis. This should help you enjoy the game during your first attempt and be more aware of what mode complements your taste. Here are their main differences:

Aeterna Mode Is All About Metroidvania

The Aeterna Noctis can be set in Metroidvania, which will allow players to simply focus on non-linear and utility-gated exploration and progression. In this journey, gamers will be welcomed by a vast open world featuring 16 unique areas and hundreds of enemies with unique mechanics. 

Under this setup, gamers won’t encounter additional challenges that could make the entirety of the game more challenging. For instance, opting for this mode will remove spikes from the platforms. You can lean and slide on them while allowing you to fight enemies without additional elements that could harm your character. This means you can focus more on recovering your power and beating the final bosses blocking your way to success.

Noctis Mode for Extreme Challenges and Platforming

While Aeterna mode is for those who want to focus more on the objective of the game, the Noctis mode is for thrill-seeking gamers. Apart from the same concept of metroidvania that lets you explore the world of Aeterna Noctis while recovering your power and fighting bosses, the Noctis will sprinkle additional challenges through handfuls of obstructions along the way. Enjoy constant puzzles, platform sections, and challenges, allowing you to savor each moment of the game. Figure out how you will evade and pass them without receiving damages.

Noctis mode could make your progress slower and more challenging, but that’s the whole point of this mode. It could also frustrate some players, but you’ll get to experience all the achievements in the game.

What makes the modes more interesting?

The beauty about playing Aeterna Noctis isn’t just about the two modes it offers. It’s also about how you can experience them without a fuss. In Aeterna Noctis, players can shift between modes at any time or any part of the game without losing their current progress. This means a lot for those who can’t escape some parts of the game under the Noctis mode.

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