Aeries twitter app updated to version 2, back in the store


9, 2015


Aeries for Twitter has seen a big update to version 2 which adds a large number of new features, including Universal Windows App support, real time tweet streaming, unlimited accounts and more.

The changelog reads:

  • Universal Windows Platform (Desktop!)
  • Streaming realtime updates over WiFi
  • Sunset mode automatically switching themes
  • Direct message image support and unlimited character count
  • Advanced filters for users, keywords and clients
  • Rewritten for massive pereformance and stability improvements
  • New design for Windows 10
  • Custom options to bookmark tweets for later
  • Translate tweets
  • Completely customizable gestures and appearance
  • New user profile design
  • Improved background tasks
  • Manage your timelines in sections
  • Unlimited user accounts

The app was released yesterday but due to a token issue with twitter was removed soon after.

Its back now however after Brad resolved the issue, and the change is once again propagating through the store, but once it becomes available it can be downloaded here from the Windows Store.

See screen shots below:

Developer: Brad Stevenson
Price: Free

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