Advertising and creating the emotional connection


Techcrunch recently a posted great article on how Apple, through its commercials creates a strong bond between the brand and the user that goes beyond the devices themselves. Conversely, one of the things that plagued the previous generations of  windows mobile offerings was the  lack of a cohesive advertising message. This was mainly due to the fact that OEMS could skin the UI any way they wanted so consumers never had a Windows phone experience. With WP7 set to change that, I hope Microsoft will do a better Job. 

Most gadget ads (mistakenly IMHO) focus on the hardware specs or way too many details. Contrast this to Apple, I just recently noticed that most iPhone ads are shot from a first person perspective using the phone. It gives a sense that “you” the viewer are actually using the device and not a third person telling you about it while at the same time focusing on just a single task. The Kin ads that showcased the Studio, the Loop, and the Camera are good examples of the direction WP7 promotion should take. (A puzzling omission though was the Zune player that MS really needs to elevate in WP7.)  The Metro UI is such a great concept that Microsoft and its advertising arm should take to the time to highlight the elements individually and working together and keep the hardware mentions to a minimum. The spots should move the consumers beyond the device, to a deeper level of personal  experience that is often  remembered long after the initial excitement for a shiny piece of new hardware dissipates.