Advanced Home Tab 2.2.1 Released

Cookie Home Tab seems to have brought forward a whole new generation of Sense Mods into their imageWindows Phones world. The very popular mod seems to have created a whole new mod that requires it to run. This mod called Advanced Home Tab brings something that even HTC themselves did not think of. This mod brings a scrollable home screen, task, and more.

  • New: Full CHT 1.7.1 integration in appointment list (home layout editor support)
  • New: Use custom task application (ThumbCal is now supported)
  • New: Extended view support (view up to 7 tasks in CHT extended view)
  • New: Improved scrolling
  • New: Task counters – See numbers of tasks for each filter (all, today, overdue)
  • New: Filter buttons – Use the buttons on the upper right to switch between 3 different filters: All, Due today, Overdue
  • Swipe-to-left / Swipe-to-right gesture to switch between appointments and tasks
  • Scrollable task list (show nearly any number of task items)
  • Due date is colored red when the task is overdue
  • Complete your tasks using the checkboxes (with vibration feedback)
  • Ascending and descending sorting of tasks by Status, Priority, Subject, Start Date or Due Date
  • Filter completed tasks by age
  • Automatic refresh on switch / on edit
  • Configurable colors for due, today and overdue tasks
  • Removed: Weather & clock modifications (now done by CHT)
  • Removed: Filter gesture
  • Co0kie’s call history & voice mail fully supported (hidden, always, dynamic)
  • CHT Home layout editor support

    You can try this application on XDA