Adobe “on the verge of delivering Flash Player 10.1 for smartphones”


4, 2010

If there is one positive fall out from the spat between Adobe and Apple regarding Flash on the iPhone and iPad, it is that it concentrates Adobe’s mind on delivering the software for competing platforms.

I a long diatribe against Apple they do reveal that the technology, set to come at the end of last year, is still on its way to our smartphones.

We are now on the verge of delivering Flash Player 10.1 for smartphones with all but one of the top manufacturers. This includes Google’s Android, RIM’s Blackberry, Nokia, Palm Pre and many others across form factors including not only smartphones but also tablets, netbooks, and internet-connected TVs. Flash in the browser provides a competitive advantage to these devices because it will enable their customers to browse the whole Web. This is being accomplished via the Open Screen Project, where we are working with over 50 partners to make this a reality across a wide array of devices.

Hopefully we will all be watching not just Youtube but Vimeo and Yahoo video on our Windows Mobile smartphones in the next few months.


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