Apple tops 2015’s list of software vulnerabilities


Every year, Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures or CVE, collects information about software vulnerabilities across major forms of various software, and for the year of 2015 Apple topped that list with its Mac OS X accounting for 384 security flaws and its iPhone OS accounting for 375 security flaws. Adobe Flash Player came in third with 314 security flaws, 61 less than Apple’s iOS.


Microsoft doesn’t appear on the list until the bottom of the top 10 at number 7 with its Internet Explorer accounting for 231 security flaws, but with the switch to Microsoft’s new Edge Browser, hopefully we’ll see that number decrease in the near future. Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 makes the list at #12 with 151 security flaws, and the newly introduced Windows 10 is all the way down at #36 with 53 security bugs, though it was introduced in the latter half of the year after being available as a beta.

What may cause debate on this list is not only does it compare Application software to whole Operating Systems, but also the versions of Windows are separated and distinct unlike Apple’s desktop and mobile OSs. However many of the different versions of the Windows OS contain the same security flaws, and thus it wouldn’t be fair to group them as if the were separate flaws in the whole Windows OS.

However if we were to look at totals by vender, counting some of Microsoft’s security flaws multiple times across OSs, then Microsoft does lead the pack at 1561 bugs, followed by Adobe at 1504, and Apple at 1147. You can check out the table below.