Adobe details new features coming to Photoshop for iPad in 2020

Early this month, Adobe announced the availability of new Photoshop app for Apple iPad. This version 1.0 build of Photoshop for iPad supports top workflows, compositing, masking and retouching. Adobe said that it will add more capabilities and workflows. Following the criticism from some users, Adobe today provided a list of features that are coming next to Photoshop in 2020. Read about them below.

Coming Soon:

Select Subject 

Select Subject uses the Adobe Sensei AI machine learning technology to enable you to automatically select the subject of an image to speed up complex selections.

Cloud documents

The new cloud documents system saves your documents between Photoshop on the iPad and desktop to make working across devices seamless. The Photoshop cloud document format is optimized to save only the incremental changes made to the PSD, making it the fastest way to work across all your devices with Photoshop.

Coming on the first half of 2020:

Selections in Photoshop on the iPad will become incredible with the addition of rich and deep selection capabilities only available in Photoshop.

Refine Edge 

The Refine Edge brush is one of the most important selection tools in Photoshop. It is used to make complex, soft edge selections on challenging subjects like hair and fur, or to perfect selections of objects that intermix both soft and hard edges, and many other tricky selection operations. We are thrilled to bring it to the iPad in the coming year.

Curves and Adjustment Layer Options

We will further deepen the app’s retouching capabilities by adding Curves for tonal adjustments and continue to build out adjustment layers to enhance non-destructive workflows. For example, within Levels we’ll add things like adjust by color range and more.

Brush sensitivity and Rotate Canvas

We know you have been enjoying the amazing brush sensitivity in the new Adobe Fresco app. And of course you want to rotate the canvas to perfectly position it for any angle. We will continuously bring unique touch and mobile optimizations like these to Photoshop on the iPad.

Lightroom Integration

Images are the foundation to virtually any composite and we are very excited to work with the Lightroom team to begin to deliver integration of Lightroom and Photoshop workflows on the iPad. With these new capabilities, you will be able to process raw images in Lightroom premium on your iPad and take them further in Photoshop using workflows designed specifically for this device.

Source: Adobe