AdDeals unveils figures, Square & Windows Phone Summer Challenge for Developers


Since AdDeals Network was launched six months ago, it has known a quite impressive and steady growth on the Windows Phone market and has become a leading performance based ad Network on this platform.

  • Hundreds of Windows phone developers use our tools every day.
  • Millions of Windows Phone apps integrating AdDeals advertising tools are downloaded every month.
  • AdDeals now allows all developers to integrate full screen ads & Square ads in a truly innovative way.
  • AdDeals is accessible to all developers. It’s about quality, choice and deals for end users, publishers & advertisers.

Today, we are happy to unveil our new ad format available to the whole Windows Phone developers community for Windows Phone 8, 8.1 & Unity. At Ahead Solutions we strive to provide great and different advertising tools that change the way people think of mobile advertising and will enhance the end user experience when integrated into Windows Phone apps & games. As a result we have built Square, a truly innovative ad format providing:

  • A new in-app/in-game advertising tool that can be integrated in just 30 min.
  • A fully customizable area that developers can skin to match their apps & games look and feel.
  • A real choice for Windows Phone users by providing them a ‘I’m not interested feature’ or by adding a ‘remove ads button’ so users can discover other offers, discounts, deals, great apps or just decide to purchase the app when they like it and remove all ads instantly.
  • One of the most advanced targeting technology used to deliver the best offers, free apps and discounted apps to end users.
  • Built-in free cross-promotion for developers so their app can be seen in other apps & games for free!

Find below some examples of how Square or Interstitial ads can be customized to match developer’s apps or games. What if an advertising format could be cool & fun? Now any developer can make their Square ads unique.

Customizable ad format - Square by AdDeals - Windows Phone ad Network

This Summer and until August 15th, all eligible Windows Phone applications that will integrate AdDeals Wall & Square in their app, can earn great free advertising campaigns and displays.

As a developer, click below to learn more about AdDeals Summer Challenge:
View Challenge and earn big this summer.

Being part of the Windows Phone ecosystem, AdDeals regularly creates new ways to help more and more developers promote their Windows Phone apps efficiently and provide some great free tools to monetize their apps.