AdDeals releases 1:1 FREE cross-promotion Interstitials & Tile ads formats services for all Windows & Windows Phone apps

Special offer 1:1 cross-promotion AdDeals

AdDeals Mobile Network (Ahead Solutions) announces the general availability of its universal FREE 1 display for 1 display (1:1) cross-promotion and native ads services for all Windows & Windows Phone app developers to help Windows developers grow their user base and app downloads with people interested in downloading their apps.

As of now, all Windows app developers can freely register on AdDeals, quickly integrate either AdDeals SDK or AdDeals Universal APIs to their mobile applications and create in a couple of minutes free cross-promotion campaigns to promote their apps inside other AdDeals registered Windows apps for free.

AdDeals also announces that all Windows Phone & Windows apps, no matter the technology used to develop the app (C++, C# Silverlight, Unity, HTML/JS, …) and whatever the OS version (even Windows 10!) can now integrate AdDeals monetization & cross-promotion services.

3 ad formats are supported:
– Full screen interstitial
– Tile ads (small squares for a non-intrusive windows app integration) and square ads
– Exclusive offer wall

ads integration sample

ads integration sample

When no paid ads are available, developers can activate and receive AdDeals cross-promotion ads. Each time a user displays a cross-promotion ad, their app will be displayed once for free in another app which can ultimately drive higher download volumes for your games and apps. When no ads are available at all, it’s very easy for you to fall back to another ad network.

This system is a unique tool for developers to drive free downloads in their apps on the long run and to build a more consistent app business. Talking about data, AdDeals provides everything: displays, clicks and installs. Developers using “AdDeals cross-promotion campaigns” will always be able to monitor their campaign results.

At this stage, there is no other mobile advertising solution offering 1:1 free cross-promotion AND monetization at the same time on both Windows and Windows Phone app markets. AdDeals also propose the same services for iOS and Android apps.

In partnership with WMPowerUser, we invite you to register using coupon code: WMADDEALS2015 to get 2000 free wall displays each time you integrate AdDeals wall in an app additionally to the free interstitial and tile ads cross-promotion.