AdDeals Network announces December 2013 developer contest Winners!



One month ago, we announced the release of AdDeals Ad Network. A unique tool for both Windows Phone developers and advertisers that provides all Windows Phone developers extra free downloads for their apps.

Many developers have registered and integrated AdDeals in their apps, including game studios and some really nice and useful apps.

We will help all AdDeals members increase their visibility and revenues on the Windows Phone platform. We can already tell you that in just couple weeks, AdDeals Ad Network for the Windows Phone platform is a success and we will continue our efforts to develop AdDeals and make it more and more useful for both developers and advertisers.

In December, we launched a contest in partnership with WMPowerUser. We are happy to announce you that the following apps have won this contest and will receive a free promotional campaign on AppDeals (#1 app for Windows Phone deals with more than 1/2 Million users):

Chicken Zooma

Chicken Zooma AdDeals for Windows Phone contest winner!

Chicken Zoom AdDeals for Windows Phone app contest Winner


UnfollowSpy AdDeals for Windows Phone contest Winner

We also offer all new developers that registers on AdDeals before January 31st, 1000 FREE displays / Windows Phone app added and integrating AdDeals SDK! So don’t hesitate to join us now to enjoy AdDeals unique benefits, exclusive to the Windows Phone platform. REGISTER FOR FREE TO EARN MORE!

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