Ad solutions for European developers

Microsoft’s recent update to the WP7 advertising SDK is a potential boon to Stateside developers – setting up a unified advertising service so that devs don’t have to worry so much. However, the Microsoft ad solution has one fairly large issue for those outside the USA: they can’t use it.

French WP7 site has however put together a useful list of ad solutions for WP7 developers outside the States (in French).

The list compares the pros and cons of  ADDuplex,   Smaato,  millennial media,  Zesttadz,  WideSpace,  mobfox,  movend, mobclix, and  admob.

Developing for WP7 from outside America is at times a very difficult and frustrating process. Does anyone else have horror stories of leaping through all the Microsoft and IRS hoops?

Thanks to Gilles for the tip.