Ad for Windows 8 tablets show up in Walking Dead show


The $1.5 billion ad campaign for Windows 8 is now in full swing , with a  custom TV ad showing up in the season premiere of AMC The Walking Dead.

The ad shows a person using a Windows 8-based tablet with a Walking Dead-themed interactive experience.  The person was also instant messaging a friend while watching the episode.  The ad appears to suggest a gaming element, with one actor turning into a zombie, with the IM message saying  they could not wait to “eat you.”

AMC has a feature called StorySync on the official Walking Dead website that allows people to participate in trivia questions, polls and more while they are watching live episodes via a web browser, and this may be a suggestion that a similar app will be coming to Windows 8 tablets.

The Windows 8 ad campaign launched on the 13th and should reach a crescendo on the 26th, when the OS is officially released to the market, preloaded on devices with new interesting form factors and features.


Thanks Timothy for the video.