Activity – Log your productivity in a simple way!


You always track your money flow, but what about your time? Time is your limited resource, you need to know how you spend it!

With this application it is very easy! Two clicks – one for running the app (takes less than 1 second on Lumia 920), one – for starting/stopping an activity.

Say, you started to work on some project (programming?). Run the Activity and press “Programming”. You can close the app until you finish. In the end, simply run the Activity again and press “Programming”. It is that easy.

In the morning, you made 40 push-ups, you have to fix it in the activity! Run the Activity and click “Push-ups” +10 two times! You will find yourself collecting these points! It will stimulate you in sports!

Then you walk home. When you start walking, press “Walking”. When you come home, press “Walking” again. If you know your average speed of walking, you can calculate how much you’ve walked in total.

You can now celebrate other anniversaries, like 15 000 days from your birthday, or 2000 days of your marriage. A geek would probably more interested when the 16384-th day of his life is.

This application is very light (less than 1MB), consumes almost no battery, has no access to the Internet, and runs very fast! Get it from Marketplace.qrcode 29832127

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