AAA publisher Activision will not have a booth at this year’s E3.

After the convention’s final floor plans were made public online, keen-eyed readers quickly noted that Call of Duty publisher Activision was absent from the show floor.

Most years, Activision’s E3 space is a substantial landmark within the trade show. Both EA and Activision’s traditional booths are huge spectacles, but this year both are absent.

Talking with GamesIndustry, Activision explained that they will not be partaking in the floor space this year. Instead, they’ll only be issuing private meetings with the press and other industry members.

With E3 open to the public for the second year running, this may be a disappointment to some. However, with Bungie’s Destiny gone and barely any non-Call of Duty games currently scheduled for 2019, does Activision have anything to show? Crash Team Racing perhaps?

With Activision’s main showing, Call of Duty, usually appearing at PlayStation’s conference due to an exclusivity deal, this is rather worrying. After all, PlayStation has abandoned E3 this year in exchange for Nintendo Direct like State of Play showings, signalling the end of their current generation.

Source: Resetera (via GamesIndustry)