Activision Blizzard King faces another employee lawsuit


15, 2021

A new lawsuit filed by employees of Activision Blizzard King claims that the publisher uses coercive tactics to prevent employees from improving their workplace. 

Filed by the ABetterAKB worker collective in collaboration with the Communications Workers of America, the new lawsuit, filed to the National Labor Relations Board alleges that “Activision Blizzard management is using coercive tactics to attempt to prevent its employees from exercising their rights to stand together and demand a more equitable, sustainable, and diverse workplace,” the CWA explained in a press release

“It is their right as workers to organize for a work environment free from abuse, discrimination and sexual harassment, and this right is protected by federal labor law,” the CWA continue, implying that this is a right Activision Blizzard King is dismissing. 

In the filing, it’s alleged that Activision Blizzard King has also “threatened employees that they cannot talk about or communicate about wages, hours and working conditions,” while also engaging in “surveillance of employees” and “interrogation of employees about protected concerted activity.”

To make matters worse for Activision Blizzard King, this isn’t the only lawsuit that they’re currently embroiled in, as recently X filed a suit against them which accused the publisher of having a “frat boy” like work environment which was rife with sexual harassment. 

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