Acer touts Chromebook success, expansion outside US



On the day of Microsoft’s big Chromebook competitor announcement, Acer has released some information which should shed some light on the importance of today’s new products for Microsoft’s desktop future.

Speaking to Digitimes company Acer CEO Jason Chen said he expects their Chromebook sales to enjoy a double-digit percentage growth in 2017 as they expand their Chromebook product line further, and into new markets.

Acer holds 31.7% Chromebook market share in direct sales in USA and was the leading company in retail sales in USA, according to NPD’s March figures.

Chen noted that Acer’s Chromebook sales have started expanding from North America to Europe and Australia, and that they are seeing increased orders from Australia’s education sector.

It’s not all doom and gloom for Windows, however.  Acer’s vice president of US retail channel John Nguyen also noted that demand from North America’s PC market is starting to stabilise and the company expects its PC shipments and average sales price in the region to both grow from a year ago in 2017.

The number of applications for Chromebooks were however also increasing according to Jason Chen, who was optimistic about future demand for the cloud-based PCs. Acer recently released a new device, the Acer Chromebook Spin 11 (above), featuring a Wacom EMR stylus and a rotatable screen designed for classrooms.

Microsoft is expected to announce its own version of Windows designed specifically for schools which would bring a similar level of security and manageability to the OS. It remains to be seen if Microsoft can stem the momentum of the Google desktop OS which already has 58% market share in the US education market.

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