Acer to release F1, C1 and L1 WM 6.5 smartphones in September 2009

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Acer’s current generation of devices have hardly hit the streets (or your pockets) but Acer is already speaking about their successors.

The devices will all be powered by Windows Mobile 6.5 and and while the F1 will be 5 megapixel  high-end device, the other two are expected to be very cheap and almost certainly free on contract.

The C1 and L1 are both attempts by Acer to attract feature-phone users to smartphones, according to Aymar de Lencquesaing, president of Acer’s Smart Handheld Business Group.

"In this economic crisis, the replacement rate of feature phones has slowed down," he said during a press conference in Taipei on Tuesday. The C1 and L1 will be inexpensive smartphones with similar features to conventional mobile phones but with touchscreens.

The C1 will also be sold in two versions, one for 3G networks and the other made for EDGE de Lencquesaing said.