Acer President: Touchscreen Laptops Running Windows 8 Are Here To Stay

Acer, one of the largest Windows OEM is optimistic about touch based Windows 8 devices. In an recent interview, Acer president Jim Wong has told Digitimes that with innovations such as the combination between Windows 8 and touchscreen control, vendors will be able to make breakthroughs and revitalize the PC industry. He also said that touch screen laptops based on Windows 8 devices will become mainstream in next few years with all major players will start delivering their touch products in 2013.

Although most PC brand vendors are still conservative about touchscreen notebooks, Acer believes touchscreen notebooks’ shipment proportion will continue to rise to eventually surpass that for traditional notebooks and become the mainstream in the market. However, due to touchscreen module’s high costs and the market’s slow acceptance, the replacement process may take 2-3 years to complete.

For 13- to 14-inch notebook models, touchscreen control increases their prices by more than US$100. But since touchscreen notebooks are able to satisfy the consumer group that wishes to see a single machine for both work and entertainment, it is still a market worth of investing in.

The supply of touch panel will also be a major factor affecting the penetration of touchscreen notebooks in the PC market. PC brand vendors already started securing touch panel supply six months before Windows 8’s launch to ensure of sufficient supply. Most PC brand vendors are expected to join the touchscreen notebook market in 2013, and vendors that have stronger control over touch panel supply will have a bigger chance of success in the market.

He also said that Acer is now focusing on building  mind share instead of market share which will pay in long term. Read his full interview from the link below.

Source: Digitimes

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