Acer beTouch E200 reviews


PhoneArena reviewed one of Acer’s low-end Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphones, and to say they were unimpressed may be an understatement.

They liked the physical design and build quality, and found the buttons to be a pleasure to use, but this is where the good news stopped.

The found Acer’s interface enhancements skin-deep, and found the needed the stylus much too many times afterward.  The social networking features were also only barely tacked on and did not do much.

Phone voice quality was bad, as was camera quality. The device lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack and is further set back by the lack of WIFI, relying on its 3H connection instead.

With all these negatives the 6.5/10 may actually be more generous than the device, which they called one of the slowest Windows phones ever, deserves. 

They conclude:

The Acer beTouch E200 can be a real adventure for all fans of modern smartphones. This is a joke, of course. The truth is, it fails to deliver something that will remain in our memories. Yes, it runs the new operating system of Microsoft, has nice build quality and appearance, which is hard to come by in a WM phone. These qualities alone, however, make the device just a likeable smartphone and not a handset we would get back to and compare to other devices. While not unappealing, the interface personalization is skin-deep, so you will inevitably have to face the unhandy WM6.5 interface. The camera is mediocre and so are the multimedia capabilities to some extent. The Acer beTouch E200 delivers many functions, but there is no single aspect it excels in and that makes it stand out from the competition. Quite the contrary. To top it off, it can´t connect via Wi-Fi and this is a cardinal sin with smartphones.

Ultimately, we think the major advantage of the Acer beTouch E200 is its low price. However, we would advise you not rush for it. Instead, take a look at the HTC Touch2 and Samsung OmniaLITE – these two offerings deliver more and better features, while still keeping the price reasonable. HTC’s and Samsung’s WM 6.1 devices also deserve some attention. They are much more affordable now and it´s not a secret that the upgrade to version 6.5 doesn’t really deliver anything of crucial importance.

Read their full review here.

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