Access Baseball for Windows Phone keeps you on top of your favorite teams

Techalio Access Baseball

Access Baseball is designed for one purpose – fast access to baseball information on your Windows Phone. The app lets you choose your favorite team(or teams) from a list, and add them to the app’s start page. You can also choose between three websites – ESPN, MLB, or SI – as your destination for baseball info.

Once you’ve added one or more favorite teams, tapping a favorite will take you to the page for that team. Once on the team page, you can easily switch between the other sports websites using the app bar. The app bar also lets you pop out to Internet Explorer in case you want to go deeper on the site or or share the page.

Access Baseball is beautifully designed with the baseball fan in mind. It looks great, loads fast and is super easy to use. No complex setup or lots of paging to get to what you need.

For the baseball fan looking for a super fast and easy way to keep tabs on their favorite teams, Access Baseball might be the ticket.