ABI Research finds Windows Phone App Store most innovative


ABI Research has looked at App Stores from Google, Apple and Microsoft, and ranked them in terms of implementation and innovation.

It will come as no surprise that the iOS App store led in terms of monetization, large market share over the app industry, and the ability to achieve a large inventory of titles while maintaining a reasonably strict quality control.

However when it come to innovation ABI Research found the Windows Phone Store ahead of iOS and Google Play.

Senior analyst Aapo Markkanen comments, “Although Apple has done a great job capitalizing on App Store’s head start as an app distributor, it should really start re-thinking the way it charts the top apps. Microsoft should be lauded for its initiative to extend its ranking algorithm beyond raw download figures, by including factors that can actually measure the customer satisfaction and retention. Retention-based charts are less prone to manipulation, so as an additional plus Microsoft can also afford being more transparent about its approach. Moves like this can help break the developers free from the ‘tyranny of downloads’, decrease their reliance on costly marketing campaigns, and thus lower the barriers to entry.”

Read the full release at ABI Research here.

Via techCrunch.com