ABI Research claims 13.27 million Windows Phones shipped in Q1 2014, we are dubious

abi research


ABI Research today published the results on their Q1 2014 shipment estimates.

As expected Android once again dominated the Q1 2014 shipment numbers for smartphones with 80% market share (including AOSP) of just under 300 million smartphones shipped in Q1 2014.

“Interestingly, basic mobile phones lost 5% market share and Android picked up almost all of these users, suggesting Android is set to gain almost all of the billions of mobile subscribers still upgrading to smartphones. Certainly, Android looks set to completely dominate the high growth developing markets and increase its market share still further,” said Nick Spencer, senior practice director, mobile devices.

For Windows Phone they claim steady progress with 16% sequential growth and an increase of 1% in market share.

“Microsoft Windows Phone is currently the only viable third ecosystem. BlackBerry has faded on all fronts (BlackBerry 10 and OS) and while Firefox remains a potential low-cost challenger, it has yet to make any significant impact,” added Spencer.

Apple’s iOS also achieved steady progress with 17% year-on-year growth, but growth is undoubtedly flattening and the iPhone 5c has done little to boost sales volumes.

These findings are part of ABI Research’s Smartphones and Handsets Market Research.

At 13.3 million Windows Phone shipments the numbers are where we want to be, but unfortunately, given Nokia’s recent comments, not what we expect it to be, with Nokia indicating shipments were less than the 8.2 million from Q4 2014.

Do our readers think we can safely dismiss these rather optimistic numbers? Let us know below.