Abandoning Steam saw more Uplay sales for The Division 2, despite lower console sales



The Division 2 has been a successful sequel for developer Ubisoft, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Announced during the company’s FY2019 earnings report, The Division 2 expectedly boosted Ubisoft’s fourth quarter. However, it didn’t boost these earnings as much as they expected.

According to chief financial officer Frederick Duguet, The Division 2 under-performed on both consoles due to contemporary competitors. “[the lower sales are] in part due to more competitive environment than expected”, Duguet said.

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Duguet didn’t comment on whether this competitive environment was due to the sheer number of “Games as a Service” titles that keep releasing. With Anthem, Destiny, Monster Hunter, The Division and more releasing every few months, does anyone have the time for more than one of them?

Despite lower console sales, the game is still doing well on PC. Total sales across Uplay and Epic Store are in line with the original game, but Uplay sales are up by a multiplier of ten. With so many PC players angry at the abandoning of Steam in favour of Epic Store exclusivity, it only makes sense that they’d opt for Uplay.

With Uplay allowing Ubisoft to keep 100% of the game’s profits, higher traffic to their own service is the best possible outcome for the company. With Ghost Recon Breakpoint and other Ubisoft titles launching on Epic Store instead of Steam, Ubisoft is doing nothing but win.

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The Divison 2 is a quality shooter from Ubisoft. In our review, we said that it was “an incredibly satisfying looter shooter that still feels rather meaningless.

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