Abandoned developer explains “it’s not really a horror game” 

August 16, 2021

In an interview with NME to set the record straight about exactly what Abandoned is, lead developer Hasan Kahraman explained “It’s not what people think – that it’s Silent Hill.”

Rumours have been rampant about Abandoned ever since people saw its cryptic, and quite frankly a little odd, first trailer which had a lot of people guessing that the game might be a new Silent Hill from famed director Hideo Kojima

“Abandoned is a shooter/survival game,” Kahraman told NME. “It has some horror elements in it but it’s not really a horror game.” After having the plot and the gameplay detailed to them, NME went on to write that they can “finally debunk those rumours – it’s not a Silent Hill game. It’s not Metal Gear.”

Abandoned is very much its own game according to the interview, with a brand new mechanic in which “everything you do in the game has an effect on the player character.” 

According to Kahraman, if you sprint in Abandoned, the player character Jason will get out of breath, and this, in turn, will affect his aim. Similarly, if you’re too nervous, that too will affect what you’re able to do, so you have to manage your survival a lot more deeply than just managing the usual vitals of food, water, and health. 

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Despite this confirmation, there will likely still be those insisting that this is all just part of Kojima’s master plan, but hopefully, we’ll be seeing more soon. “The Cinematic Trailer will be very soon… like, really soon,” Kahraman revealed in the interview, saying that “we wanted to launch it at GamesCom but we just have to see if we can reach that.”

With Gamescom kicking off next week it’s certainly a tight deadline to meet, but hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of Abandoned soon to put a rest to the wild accusations that Blue Box Game Studios are scammers who’re hiding Hideo Kojima from us. 

Abandoned is set to launch on PS5 sometime in 2022

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