A_C Does Not See the “Need” For S2 And WP7 To Be Together


Because of all the news covering all the new developers and apps, we have forgot about the old classic Windows Mobile developers. A_C is one of those developer that has worked for years to improve your users experience with all his great apps. Now I asked him to share a bit of what he thinks about Windows Phone 7, and if S2 will be there for launch day.

Hope it’s not too late for the reply.
It’s a bad & good feeling when I know WP7 no longer support old applications.  Since I’ve been an active unmanaged code programmer for the last three years in the WM, I never coded anything in managed code.  Of course, it won’t be that difficult to write managed code as there are more & more resources in the net.

However, the main reason that S2 apps will not appear on WP7 is simply because a "need" is not there.  If you guys remember well, I coded S2U2 mainly because there was (and is) a "need" that the default WM5/6 lock screen is really a crap.  When S2U2 further developed to include CallerID function, I need an application to assign larger pic to a contact.  This "need" arises S2V.  Later on I received a lot requests to have a finger-friendly music player, and it comes to S2P.

You can see that there is always a "need" in all my S2 applications.  Since WP7 will have most similar features as S2 apps already built-in the OS, I think I can take a rest this time.  And it’s good to see that MS is finally trying to fill the "needs" of WM users.  Being said that, who knows the future?  Let’s stay tuned & enjoy what you currently have.  🙂

So as you can see he will not be there because and only because he feels he is not needed at the moment. I guess that means he can take a brake while his current Windows Mobile apps takeover Marketplace.

Comment below and tell us what you think of this, and are there any other developers you would like to hear from.. Tell me in the comment.

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