A wireless charger for your Lumia for only £2.99?



Wireless Charging for Cheap

Bigben Interactive ArtikelbildIn a quest to save money YouTuber FileTrekker found an interesting replacement to Nokia’s £39.99 Wireless charging plate.

He discovered the much more palatable £2.99 Bigben Induction Charger for DSi appears to be compatible with the Qi-charger in his phone, and needed just a bit more tweaking, described in the video, to make it perfect.

We must however note that when searching the internet the Bigben actually cost £12.99 (vs £2.99) and while the Bigben only had one charging coil, and therefore needing careful positioning of the phone, Nokia’s official wireless charger had 3, making it more forgiving.

Lastly, despite the Nokia Lumia getting very hot when charging on Nokia’s official accessory, I suspect you are much more likely to wake up with your phone dead and your house on fire with the Bigben than with Nokia’s own accessory.

Will any of our readers take the risk? Let us know below.

Thanks WPWorld.pl for the tip.

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