A quick look at Windows Phone 8 Datasense

One on the best features coming with GDR 2 is Datasense, which is not only a simple data counter but also a very intelligent “assistant”. It helps you consuming less data from your data plan in two simple but very smart ways:

First, it can reduce data consumption by sending URLs to the Datesense servers which compress the data, so what your phone downloads is smaller. It’s as simple as zipping files. Compressing and extracting the data takes time but because the download is smaller there is not really a difference in speed – sometimes the connection even seems faster.
However, this seems to work only when you almost consumed your data plan as I haven’t found an option to set this to “always on” (only in Internet Explorer there is an option so that at least the browser consumes always less – and it seems to work quite well as I have used less data than I usually do).


Second, it shows you nearby WiFi hotspots. This means you can see where you can use free WiFi instead of needing to use your data plan to check your daily neews feed, watching YouTube videos or updating your status. This is great especially when you are somewhere where you are not really familiar.

However, Datasense is not only an assistant but lets you also manage your data plan. It shows you how much data you consumed over WiFi and how much over your cellular network and it also shows how much data several apps consumed. What I found a bit annoying was that uninstalled apps were named as such which means you don’t know which app it was; you can only guess which already uninstalled app consumed 3 gig of data.

wp_ss_20130809_0006 wp_ss_20130809_0007

All in all Datasense is a very nice feature – although it’s not perfect it is very good. Let’s just hope more carriers enable the feature for their Windows Phone users.