Developer Submission: A new Windows Phone client for PubCenter


2, 2015

If you own a PubCenter account, then you probably already tried accessing it from your phone and discovered how frustrating the UI can be from a mobile web-browser. What if you could check the performance of your ads directly from your phone with a convenient and fast interface?

Top reasons to get @pub:

Easy to get started
@pub is a PubCenter client for Windows Phone. Unlike other PubCenter apps available today, this one does not require you to setup e-mail reports to work. @pub directly fetches the data using the PubCenter APIs and format it for your mobile display in native UI components.

Advanced Features
For the more advanced user, it also allows you to generate custom reports, based on the full set of criteria available on the official website. The small form factor is just as powerful as the website as @pub gives you the ability to set the parameters for your report with an easy to use cascading inputs.

Live Tile
Saving the best for last, the application provides a live tile, allowing you to check your daily revenue at a glance!

While fully functional, @pub is still young and will be shaped heavily by your feedback. Now is the chance to get in board and make this app your favorite ad-revenue tracker!

Download @pub for FREE

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Developer: KooKiz
Price: Free
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