A new reason to upgrade your phone: Fluid scrolling!



WP Bench on Radar (left) and HD7 (right). Click for full size.
If a front-facing camera, better screen, longer battery life, sharper design, and better camera aren’t enough reasons to upgrade your Windows Phone, here’s a new one: More fluid scrolling in your apps.

When taking my new HTC Radar out for a spin through the Engadget app, I noticed how perfectly fluid the scrolling was. Gone is the choppy, low frame rate scrolling that plagued the app on my old HD7. As I tried this on a number of different apps, I noticed that the improvement was basically universal. Fandango was another good sample app to show the difference between the two devices. However, I should mention there are some apps where there is no difference.

This smoother scrolling is likely due to the new GPU in the HTC Radar, which all new Windows Phones have now. When testing WP Bench, the GPU scores an average of 37 frames per second, while the HD7’s GPU only scores a weak 18 frames per second.

Now combine better scrolling with the rumored 32 GB Focus S and you have a killer phone! We can only hope that rumor holds true.

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