A new Microsoft To-Do update is now available for Windows Insiders, brings new features

If you’re using Microsoft To-Do on Windows 10 then you already know that Microsoft introduced support for ‘flagged email’ in the app a few months back. The only drawback of the feature was that it works only with Office 365 work or school accounts. This is no longer be the case.

Microsoft pushed a new update to its task management app, Microsoft To-Do, and the update extends the support for the flagged email feature to all your accounts, it’s no longer works only with Work or school accounts. Otherwise, it takes the app to version 1.56.1904.29002

Microsoft is currently testing the feature with Windows Insiders and will soon bring it to all Windows 10 users.

You can download Microsoft To-Do on your Windows 10 PC from the below link.

Via: HTNovo