A new macOS Catalina bug might be deleting your emails

Apple macOS Catalina has been riddled with issues that affect a major chunk of third-party apps and after getting criticized for the obnoxious UAC prompts, Apple might have another problem at their hands.

According to a report published by AppleInsider, macOS Catalina users are having issues moving and syncing their messaging. In certain cases, the messages are even disappearing permanently. Michael Tsai, developer of the EagleFiler and SpamSieve plug-ins for Apple Mail published a blog post outlining these issues and he urges users not to upgrade to macOS Catalina at the moment, especially if you rely on Apple Mail.

We haven’t seen a widespread issue on the forums yet so it might just be limited to very few users. Since macOS Catalina was available in beta for the last four months, it’s surprising to see that Apple didn’t notice the bug. The company hasn’t commented anything on the bug so we will have to wait for more details.