A Moment That Brings Tears To My Eyes

Now its not everyday that I see this happen in the world of iPhone, and this time I felt like its worth letting you know. After reading an article on Engadget regarding the software Microsoft will provide for the upcoming Windows Phone, I found a comment from an iPhone app developer that has gone Windows Phone. His comment was highly rated because he basically said Windows Phone is and will be the future of application development, and iPhone is going no where anymore because of overpopulation due to too many fart apps.

Anyways, here is the comment that makes me proud of MS’s attempt to boost development for the upcoming Windows Phone.

Actually no it’s going to kick off to a very good start. There are thousands of developers that have switched over; we started developing iphone games and had pretty good success but decided to switch over to windows phone. The main reason we are switching is because the iphone market is oversatured with crap and developers who just release shovelware – this has caused the market to bottom out on that platform.

We have a preview device being shipped to us next week and have been playing with the emulator and development tools for months. From what I’ve seen its got a solid footing – with the API and can be extended without any issue. The xna framework makes writing games fairly straightforward and has the advantage that we can write once and deploy the same game to Windows PC, XBox Live and Windows Phone (the only changes needed are to include appropriate resolution graphics for each platform). That is something most developers know is a real strength and allows us to generate revenue on three platforms.

There are thousands of developers that have already signed up, there will easily be 1000+ apps ready by the time the device launches within the first week. Many of these apps have been in development for months, not rushed out fartapps to make a quick buck.
Windows Mobile within 1-2 years will be 2nd behind Android and iphone will be 3rd

If you want to read the full article, headover to Engadget