A Look at the newest Windows Phone 7 Dropbox Applications: Video

BoxFiles for Dropbox Kickbox

On December 16th, BoxFiles for Dropbox was released, gaining the title of the first Dropbox app for Windows Phone 7! However, it has a number of issues (which were addressed in an update). Thankfully, its new competitor, Kickbox, was released today, December 18th, and works perfectly. So, if you need a Dropbox application this instant, you now have two choices! Check out our hands on videos of both apps below the break to help you decide which to buy.

BoxFiles for Dropbox: $0.99


BoxFiles for Dropbox was updated recently, and should not have these issues anymore. Although this application is cheaper and promises the same set of features as BoxFiles (and actually even more, since it can organize your files and folders), half of the app’s features don’t even work. Opening Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files, all of which are listed as features in the application, do not work. Also, opening a picture that you uploaded from your phone seems to cause an error, even though it will open perfectly fine from the desktop version of Dropbox. Moving, copying, and renaming files works as promised.

Kickbox: $3.99

Yes, this app is four dollars. But hey, it works! It has the same features as BoxFiles, except it lacks the ability to move files into different folders. You can upload pictures from your phone to your Dropbox account. You can open Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Text, and Music files, and they actually open, unlike BoxFiles. Right now, due to restrictions in WP7, you can’t upload any documents other than pictures, so that means you can’t actually edit Word documents and save them back to Dropbox. Overall, until BoxFiles gets its many issues resolved, Kickbox is your best Dropbox application. Since BoxFiles for Dropbox recieved an update fixing its issues, it might be your best choice now!

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